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Lifespan Development and Personality

Oprah Winfrey 's development as an individual has a very unique and interesting perspective in terms of Psychological development . Ms Winfrey is a product of an accidental conception ' by her parents . Her mother was a house maid and her father was a coil miner . At the age of 6 and 14 , she was raped and sexually molested by her uncle and cousin . Her mother was often not around to help her and guide her . Ironically , even though she was having a hard time at home , she still excelled in school and had scholarship

to support her education . As a growing child , she was used to poverty and hardships . After the incident of sexual molestations , she was forced to live with her dad . During these times Oprah was helped by her dad to focus on her studies . At an age of 18 she won the Miss Black Tennessee Beauty pageant and then later on was given a job at a local radio station . Her exposure to media later evolved as she aspired to become a prominent figure in American Television years later . The forces that made big differences in her life are her childhood experiences and family as well as her experiences in her late adolescent years . The mixture of her bad memories and her successful life can be accounted on how she managed the anxieties and problems in which she might have encountered in the process of her maturity as a person . Oprah can be said to have a bad environment growing up . The way of life she lived in the poverty stricken places she grew up on might had opened her eyes on the realities of life even on a tender age . She was not nurtured well also because her mother was irresponsible . Her father helped her to focus on her studies in her adolescent years but still had missed out a lot of important years in the childhood days Fortunately , she overcame all adversities with her innate ability to be diligent in her goals . Even though she underwent a depressing phase in her childhood , she was also compensated later on by good education and support from her father . Emotionally , she might have chosen to become depressed and angry at life . In fact , she showed signs of rebellion at age 14 when she got regnant but eventually lost her baby . You can see the transition of her life as she was guided by her father . She became more focus and determined in life . There was less hostility in her environment as she entered the late adolescent and it helped her to become the person she is today . Today Oprah is known to be the good moral type of person . She is a philanthropist and helps the needy people in America as well as other parts of the globe . Her view of morality can be traced back to how she saw the injustices in her society in her childhood . The oppression of black people , the life her parents lived and...

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