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Life before the internet versus after internet

Life before and After Internet


To compare the Internet revolution with the first industrial revolution of late 18th and early 19th century would not making too great a claim Just as the first industrial revolution completely changed the face of society , right from nature of services to the form of interaction , so has Internet changed the face of modern society . This article would briefly compare some of the major changes that Internet has introduced in our life

1 . Communication : If telephone was great leap from human messenger system , internet

communication constitutes the second great leap in the series . The advent of e-mail , messenger services , computer to computer call , and high fidelity video services has reformulated the communication structure around the world . Communication takes place at blazing pace today people can stay in touch with each other indefinitely without paying anything apart from their internet charges and business managers and leaders can convene and consummate important one to one meetings across the continents over the video phones (Nicholas and Rowlands , 2000 . This has provided an immense boost to business and commerce activities , bringing production time , decision making time and implementation time down to their most efficient values within the current possible conditions

2 . Social Networking : Internet has truly opened the doors of world to people . It has turned the concept of global to glocal-global local where any person can become part of any community in the world . Social networking sites such as Face book , MySpace and Orkut have revolutionized the...

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