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1 . Racial Discrimination

New Year celebrations are culture specific . They are also region specific

Haymarket being a street where a number of Chinese restaurants are established , it is the right place where the festival can be celebrated

Coming to the celebration agenda , there must be impressive events that entertain people . Lion dance is one of the important events among Chinese and members of that race alone can perform it with the required skill and style

When advertising for recruiting people for this purpose , the organizer naturally goes for artists who

belong to Chinese race who can perform that event with authenticity . The question is whether it would amount to racial discrimination in determining who should be offered employment (Anti-Discrimination Act , Sec 8-b , 1977

This will not form discrimination , since participation in a dramatic performance or other entertainment in a capacity for which a person of a particular HYPERLINK "http /www .austlii .edu .au /au /legis /nsw /consol_act /aa1977204 /s4 .html " \l "race " race is required for reasons of authenticity , is protected from the act of discrimination (Anti-Discrimination Act , Sec 14-a ,1977

Moreover , discrimination is an act to be termed as such only when something unfavorable is done , like victimization on the ground of race Offering employment opportunity to one will not be discrimination . In view of the above argument , the organizer can safely advertise calling for Chinese artists to perform the Lion Dance

Then a question arises , will it not discriminate an American or an Australian depriving him or her...

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