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Legal Implications for Human Resource Management/Employee Benefits






Human resources are the most important resources in an organization and there is a need for human resource management to consider legal implications for every decision they make in regard to employee benefits

Today , organizations are faced with numerous challenges in sustaining a well-motivated workforce . To ensure that an organization retains the best human resources , several measures are put in place key of which is employee benefits , which is given to the top or executive employees as a motivation to ensure that

the organization retains such employees Employee benefits range from organization to organization but generally they include short-term benefits , long-term benefits , termination benefits as well as post-retirement benefits (Armstrong , 2002

Pay gap is one of the greatest issues that companies face with regard to employee benefits . Although the pay gaps can be explained by human capital differences , the travel patterns of different employees , there is also the other dimension of occupational segregation as well as workplace segregation , which has been found to bring disparities in regard to employee benefits (Lowman , 2002 . Pay gap can be a source of demotivation of staff as well as a leading cause of lack of unity of purpose in an organization . Whenever an organization decides to reward men differently from women this can be a source of conflicts in the organization and it is therefore , major challenge organizations are faced with today . Pay gap characterized by gender is a legal problem as it boils down to discrimination in the workplace . This has implications both for the employees involved as well as the organization given the fact that , these differences in employee benefits allotment creates a feeling of discontentment . In situations where the difference in pay is as a result of level of education or work experience , then this is understandable . However , often employee benefits have been found to be abused by human resource managers in designing rewards (Thrope , 2000

Discrimination especially based on race , gender , nationality and color is a major issue that companies face with regard to employee benefits It is evident that , the economic security of employees is very much dependent on other variables such as race , color and nationality something which can be seen as a major issue that companies face with regard to employee benefits . The fact that there are very many immigrant workers in the USA , has created an enabling environment whereby employers can abuse the rights of employees in regards to employee benefits without having to worry about legal implications since most immigrant workers do not have valid s and it is therefore , not possible for such employees to take legal actions against employers even whereby there are cases of discrepancies in awarding of employee benefits (Lowman , 2002

The other challenge facing companies with regard to employee benefits is the requirements by the law for a minimum wage rate . This is an issue in that , many companies have been forced to disregard employee benefits citing the mandatory minimum wage limit as being burdensome...

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