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Learning Team Ethics Scrapbook

The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society ' vigorously do or intervening in a crime then it must not be called or even be associated with the parable of the Good Samaritan . Such law will enforce people to consider helping others as a duty rather than a selfless act . Although it is implied in most of the teachings in our religion to help those in dire need , there are also instances wherein we must put into consideration our own safety which the man in Good Samaritan Killed considered the least and the risks involved before

concerning ourselves in the situation . People who do not respond to these calls for help have reasonable explanations for not doing so . Like in my case when I saw a man being beaten by two bigger men . It didn 't seem to be a robbery because they were arguing about something and the beating was not that harsh so I just hurried home before the two could have seen me and might have did the same thing to me as well . However , I told my parents about what I saw and they explained to me that those were actually robbers and reported the crime eventually . Although I did not directly help the man while being beaten , my information was found useful in preventing more crimes to come out in our place . Everyone has a free will which we exercise in every day 's situation and it must be accompanied with responsibility . We must just let our conscience evaluate our actions whether we became the Good Samaritan or not

Vigilantism in any ways should not be permitted . The discussion on this is a longer because of different opinions we had in the team . The roots of these rebellious acts might be of reasonable grounds just like the villagers...

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