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Leadership, Teams, Group Dynamics and Crisis Situations

Running Head : LEADERSHIP







In our everyday life we are likely to be threatened by crisis . The seriousness of the crisis can either be reduced or if proper strategies to crisis management are adopted . Every organization should be well equipped with the knowledge of how their impacts could be lessened or reduced . The crisis management knowledge depends on the type of the organization . Thus , different organizations apply various approaches to manage their crisis . Morgan (1996

For any crisis to be properly managed

, then the causal factors should first of all be established . It does not matter the size of the organization because the effects of crisis are far reaching . Most of crises are ambiguous and complex thus it is not easy to take control over the events

In fighting a crisis , my organization is well prepared to handle it There is a crisis management committee whose aim is to help the organization in fighting disasters that may arise . This board that is entrusted with the task of dealing with crises conducts researches to either establish the causes for crises or to learn more about what could have been the cause for the crises . In dealing with these crises , the organization employs both the top-down and down-top approaches in making vital decisions but mostly it uses the down-up approach because it is very much aware that it is the members who feel the impacts and that it is them who should devise ways on how to solve these miseries . Again when down-up approach is used people feel as if they are part and parcel of that organization and feel obligated to protect the future of the organization . When decisions are made or generated from the base of the organization , they feel they are valued in that any decisions that are to be made they must be consulted . Also this down-up approach helps the members to develop a positive attitude towards the running of the organization because they do not feel that the decisions are imposed to them by those at the top . This approach ensures that resources have been allocated to the desired projects . Organizations while dealing with crisis should be gender sensitive to men and women as well as the roles they play

Those who control the knowledge of crisis management should first familiarize themselves with the historical background of the problem and critically analyze the harm it can do to the firm . For example , if it is an issue of unemployment then they should establish the causes of unemployment and address them properly . A good job according to Scein (1992 ) is that which can enable one to enjoy all those opportunities which are associated with it for example , allowances rights and health concerns

The board of the organization is the body that is in control of all the firm 's affairs and it is imperative that it should be gender sensitive They should be aware of the role that women play in the economy...

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