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Leadership Style Of John F. Kennedy

Leadership Style of John F . Kennedy






What were the leadership styles of John F . Kennedy ? Kennedy was born in May 29th 1917 in Massachusetts and was a son to Joseph Patrick Kennedy and his mother was Rose Fitzgerald . He was a university graduate from Harvard where he graduated in 1940 . In 1946 being a democrat he became the president of USA . He was widely traveled and a strongly advocated for civil rights and improved social welfare . It is at this time as a

president of USA that his leadership qualities were witnessed and developed . He was much admired by people because he knew how to present himself to the public . His leadership style was greatly influential and has been admired by many up to date . For now I 'll limit my scope to look at his leadership styles

His first leadership style was taking responsibility . Taking responsibility involves accepting that you are solely accountable for all of your actions . Most people when they do mistakes point a finger of accusation to others . They do not want to acknowledge their involvement People develop a strategy that is referred to as escapism . According to (Naegele T D . 2005 ) John F . Kennedy , when things in a country go wrong people blame the president but he said that there is nothing wrong with people saying that as the head of state is paid to lead the state therefore for that reason he should be held accountable . For example when the military operation to overthrow the government of Fidel Castro in 1960s failed , he accepted that United States failed to accomplish its mission without blaming the war strategists , his advisors and the government that was before him . He said , victory has a hundred fathers but defeat is an orphan ' He was simply referring to those who never accept their wrongs

Learning from mistakes as well as from failures was another tactic he used . This implies that you should revisit the history to know where others have erred or where yourself have gone wrong so that you can rectify your mistakes . This leadership style was well portrayed on 16th October 1962 when the U-2 air plans captured photo acts of Khrushchev the soviet leader placing nuclear bombs in Cuba . This was an open threat to the U .S and it was able to read between the lines to know that all was not well (Barnes J . A . 2007 . Kennedy did not want to engage his country in another war after the Second World War though there was no way he could let them to do whatever they wanted . He took the necessary measures by taking his navy to block soviet 's further plans . It was clear what Soviet Union wanted though they claimed they had no malice aforethought . They accepted to with draw their war weapons from Cuba and even accepted to dismantle the remaining ones

He was well aware of the damage that was caused by USA when it dropped...

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