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The Leadership Style of Carly Fiorina, Hewlett Packard`s former CEO and How It Failed

Carly 's Leadership Style

The Leadership Style of Carly Fiorina and How it Failed

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Leaders have been looked upon for guidance for many years . While the world has seen the rise and fall of many leaders , some of them stand out for their personality while others for their leadership style . Myers Briggs , Jung or MTR-i defines eight different leadership styles According to the US Army Handbook , 1973 , there are normally three styles of leadership : Autocratic , Democratic and

Free Reign . Some leaders follow one particular style while others follow a combination of styles Leadership style is the manner in which leaders help to motivate , advice and lead their subordinates . The situation can be a war , a corporate organization or a civilian setting . This case study is about the corporate leader of Hewlett-Packard , Carly Fiorina and her leadership style

The Leadership Style of Carly Fiorina and How it Failed

Leadership style is the manner in which leaders help to advice , lead and motivate their subordinates . According to Kurt Lewin , there are three distinct leadership styles

Autocratic Style

Democratic Style

Laissez-Faire Style

This will explore one particular leader and her leadership style in the corporate world

Brief History

When people have stereotypes of what you can 't do , show them what you can do . When they have stereotypes of what you won 't do , show them what you will do . Every time you resist someone else 's smaller notion of who you really are , you test your courage and your endurance . Each time you endure , and stay true to yourself , you become stronger and better

-From a speech by Carly Fiorina , May 2005

Born in 1954 , Carelton S (Carly ) Fiorina grew up in Austin , Texas (USA . Her father taught law at Stanford University and her mother was a painter . Carly attended school in different parts of the world . Her educational qualifications include B .A . in medieval history and philosophy from Stanford University , an MBA from the University of Maryland and an MS from MTs Sloan School of Management

She started her career as an English teacher working in Italy . She then moved on to becoming a receptionist in a brokerage firm in New York During this time , she did a course on business and marketing management Her career progressed when she acquired her MBA degree and joined the sales department at AT T

Carly had previous leadership experience working for twenty years in AT T and Lucent Technologies , where she held a number of senior leadership positions before joining Hewlett-Packard . Carly was president and chief executive officer of Hewlett-Packard Company from 1999 to 2005 . She served as Chairman of the board for five years (2000-2005

Fortune named her as "The Most Powerful Woman in Business . She was looked upon as an icon for women in the business world (Mullin R 2006

Carly 's previous experience includes turning over Lucent Technologies from just an ordinary communications-equipment business to a New Age Internet...

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