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Leadership Final

Leadership [Final ]

Reflection on One 's Self as a Leader

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Table of Contents

Page Number

Introduction 1

The Ideal Self 1

The Self-Renewal Plan 2

Physical 3

Spiritual 4

Mental 5

Social / Emotional 6

Summary 7

From Present towards the Future 7

Strengths 7

Weaknesses 8


Gaps and How They Should Be Dealt With 8

The Key Learning Agenda 8

The Practice of a New Behavior 9

Learning from Feedbacks 10

Conclusion 10

Bibliography 12


Leadership is a serious task that has to betaken by those who are able to understand the society in an objective way . Certainly , the idea of becoming a leader requires serious thinking . Becoming a leader requires efforts that start with personal development and adjustments . There are numerous theories and practices that help the hopeful leaders in becoming the person that they want to be . In the to follow , a reflection on one 's ability and self-improving processes would be discussed in the view of the author of this

Leadership page 1

Leadership [Final ]

Reflection on One 's Self as a Leader


Being a leader is a serious task that requires serious effort and determination to adjust on the part of the person who wants to pursue on being a leader in his or her own field of interest . As Peter Northouse refer to leadership as a change that would affect the whole personality of an individual (2006 , 16 . It is not true that leaders are born , they are made

Through self-restructuring of themselves , the leaders of today have sprung out from actually being nothing to becoming influential personalities in the human society . How ? Because of their determination to make a change to the society that rooted out from the changes that they had to make on themselves in the first place . This is the reason why in this , a self-examination process shall be utilized to learn the importance of self-adjustment in becoming a leader

The Ideal Self

Using the 7 High Effective Habits ' gained from then principles of Steven R . Covey , the author of this aims t become a person who is able to balance his own life and the activities that he do everyday . As a person , the author values respect and happiness so much . The belief of having people around ho are respected enough would create a better environment for everyone else . Moreover , from this , it would not be

Leadership page 2

impossible to experience lasting happiness . A happiness that is based from living a healthy life that is free from dangers and fear of others . The elders have a strong influence to the author of this . As for a fact , the valuing of the knowledge and the wise lessons that they partake to everyone else is believed to be a strong reason...

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