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Leadership: Affecting Change


Leadership : Affecting Change

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This presents the present scenario of S F Online with the prevailing informal group and later , largely discussed as one formal group . The formal organization shall be tackled within the context of the challenges assigned to this COO to consolidate operations by streamlining the online operations , increasing the reach of the Online Sales Channel , and making S F Online a profitable Strategic Business Unit . This COO

maps out the plan to carry out his strategies in assiduous consideration of the following : to restructure the department to improve organizational culture while seeing to the empowerment of every employee to address the effects of structure and management tactics on developing power and politics on the formal and informal networks : how the size and new structure could affect organization as well as individuals , groups , and teams , and the future of the company and what management practices would be most effective and why . The discussion progresses by presenting the current organizational situation immediately followed by the recommended formula - the institution of a boundaryless , organic , and a spiritual organization , utilizing the social exchange theory and acceptable influence exercising legitimate and expert power . A schema is presented at the end of the discussion

The close-knit relationships in the informal groups that develop over time are the hard nuts to crack in organizations particularly when the workers become unwilling ' to cooperate . Studies of organizations over...

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