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Running Head : LAUGHTER

How Laughter Benefits Our Health

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How Laughter Benefits Our Health

It is a known fact that laughter is advantageous and useful to our health . Many specialists agree that laughter brings to numerous positive effects of psychological nature , and also it improves our physical condition . For example , according to a recent study of medical researchers from the University of Maryland , laughter helps to keep our facial muscles in tonus , lowers the risks of heart attack , improves our immune system , etc . Besides

, it was discovered that laughter can play the role of an analgesic , relieve pains , increase pain tolerance threshold , and this effect is a psychological one , because no prove of a related chemical reaction was found (Reader 's Digest , 2005

At the same time , there are other psychological outcomes of laughter Elisabeth Scott , a stress management and family therapy specialist points on various positive effects of laughter as one of the most effective tools to control and manage our stresses . Those include opportunities to distract and to divert one 's attention from anger depression , tension , or other distressing emotions to funny and joyful things , and this way to avoid possible harmful aftereffects of stresses In addition , .laughter provides a physical and emotional release it helps to relax , feel more comfortable and hopeful (Scott , 2007 Finally , laughter can be a good exercise to improve own self-perception and abilities to interact , because it helps us establish good contact and socialize more effectively

Undoubtedly , laughter is very healthy for human psychology and mind because it helps to develop positive and enthusiastic disposition , forms optimistic perspectives , as well as stimulates good and cheerful mood Specialists found out that young children laugh about 400 times a day however , adult people laugh only about 17 times a day (Scott , 2007 That is why it is vital to incorporate into our daily routine more and more of good but controlled laughter , which will help to take this life less seriously and focus on positive or encouraging ideas


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How Laughter Benefits Our Health...

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