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The Last of the Mohicans essay (with three part thesis)

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The Last of the Mohicans

Is racism a choice or not ? The novel `The Last of the Mohicans ,` by James Fenimore Cooper , did provide evidences of racism as practice not only by Americans but also by other cultures which suggests a strong indication on the possible roots of racism . This therefore attempts to dramatize this new found reality that may not be known or accepted by many . The three part thesis of the is stated in the following

propositions (1 ) the racism has its roots in nature and it must be having been part of human nature (2 ) That racism has been practiced due to natives wanting to preserve their cultures , and (3 ) that racism is strongly felt in gender mix

Since the Native Americans are forced to live with their colonizers , refusal to intermarry with the European colonizers must have been a natural thing to do . Hence what is ever is happening as racism in the United States must be traced back to this great of American history To dwell therefore on the belief that discrimination is a well-planned reaction to other cultures may seem to find litter support as it not natural to hate or discriminate other people . There must be a prior experience in the past that has entered the subconscious level . Not surprisingly therefore one could read in the American literature stories and novels that my have the colors or some racial problem . But the racial reactions was not chosen voluntarily as intended reaction but a subconscious reaction become something hurtful that has happened in the past

The issue of apparently prohibited a sexual racial mixture between cultures is depicted in the novel The Last of the Mohicans by Fenimore Cooper 's . The word 'miscegenation , which the shortened word for the sexual racial mixture has taken its meaning from two parts 'miscere ' and 'genus ' is apparently used in the at the end of the nineteenth century and the word was actually found mainly in the analysis of previous literary works . In appreciating therefore the reality to a profound and realistic portrayal of gender and racial relations between Native Americans and white people in the period of Indian and French Wars in his novel , author Cooper made an introduction of his own vision of early native Americans taking the position that miscegenation should be prohibited

It may be argued that the existing political and social issues are indeed influenced by the attitude of white people towards Native Americans in the past . To be specific about it one may check that the at the end of the seventeenth century there were indeed some American states to have passed specific laws that were aimed at prohibiting sexual racial mixture and this may inferred to have deprived people of different races , with the exception of the white population but not without the undeniable repercussion as far as the American political rights particularly violation to the principles of...

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