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Lady Audleys Secret

Lady Audley 's Secret

A novel of many elements

Lady Audley 's Secret is a novel written in 1861 by Mary Elizabeth Braddon . It is no doubt a novel of many elements . Mary Elizabeth Braddon 's sensational novel Lady Audley 's Secret presents the astonishing and cynical notion the sort of surprise at the fictional company one is keeping , or at the view of the world it is central to a whole genre of fiction . It best fits under the category of melodrama of sensational genre , and the genre of mystery p

The novel was originally produced in three volumes along with a serialized magazine version and , later , a single volume edition . The novel , Lady Audley 's Secret is closely associated to the street literature and news accounts of real crimes . The crimes in this work of fiction are concealed , masked and secret . The term melodrama has come to be applied to any play with romantic plot in which an author manipulates events to act on the emotions of the audience without regard for character development or logic . Everything that Lady Audley does in this novel seems calculated . Unlike violent stories of the past in which a criminal kills for the sake of killing , Lady Audley is brilliant in bigamy , arson , and murder The nature of her crimes reflect a general fear of intimate and buried violence , suggesting a growing anxiety about being threatened from within . Her moves are all calculated and planned keeping in mind the consequences also . Murders and robberies spring from a specific social context . Murders in Victorian melodramas are often the result of elaborate plans to conceal identity , right a wrong or improve social status

The novel opens with the marriage of a beautiful , blonde orphan Lucy Graham , to a widower Sir Michael Audley . Braddon presents Sir Michael and Lucy Audley 's relationship as a foundationally deceptive relationship that eventually leads to their separation . Lucy , a governess for the doctor Mr . Dawson , was married to George Talboys who was not able to offer her the life she always wanted , she becomes angry and depressed as George has to leave for Australia to earn fortune Eventually she sees an opportunity to start over and she grabs it , for the sake she leaves her child , changes her name and goes out as a governess . When the wealthy Sir Michael Audley proposes , she accepts and goes from the life as governess to the life of a Lady , afterwards discussed how George returns along with Robert , Sir Michael 's nephew After seeing the potrait George disappeared and Robert begins to find clues suspects to the involvement of Lady Audley , and he slowly begins to collect evidence against her . On searching the possession of George he find a book with a note written by George 's wife that matches Lady Audley 's handwriting . This further proved to Robert that Lady Audley was a liar and was involved in George 's disappearance . After a series of confrontation with Robert , Lucy confesses about her...

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