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International Criminal Court : A Study in Cooperation

John Deane

English Composition II

Dwight Paulsen

July 11 , 2009

The implications of international crime have been the of international debate among philosophers , historians , and politicians , as well as a subject of personal contemplation by its perpetrators and victims . However , an accepted legal definition of criminal guidelines have yet to be determined by international law , allowing states to define crime subjectively based on their own laws and interests rather than on an analysis of the situation that encapsulates all viewpoints The

international threat of terrorism , piracy , and dictatorships has in recent years led to a condition of fear and trepidation among not only the common citizens of all nations , but their leaders . While terrorism remains the most heinous of all international crimes , others such as economic fraud are making it difficult for international organizations to do anything to prevent it . Setting up an international criminal court relies on a myriad of different issues , including adhering to current legal , ethical , and political international , as well as receiving consent and participation by countries , from the highest government leaders to the most impoverished citizens of the world

When one takes an objective view of the current state of the world there are many dramatic and lasting problems that need to be addressed The world 's financial situation is in turmoil , terrorism and piracy affects all nations and peoples , and the quest to maintain international stability is often at odds with the chaotic events of...

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