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Law Enforcement Deviance

Law enforcement is a task that should not be taken lightly . It was necessary if only to keep the community organized and in . Failure to faithfully enforce the law will lead to chaotic governance

When we hear of the word police , our minds will link it to peace and harmony . We simply believe that the police can maintain safety and peace in the community . But , in the report given by the Rampart independent review panel , the case is different

Rampart area is known to be one

of the busiest and largest operational commands within the Los Angeles Police Department . It was a place wherein police scandals are known . That is why efforts are made to address and solve it

The report of the review panel provides that Rampart was an area wherein crime rate was among the highest . The fact was the cause why a special anti-gang unit was created . The anti-gang unit of the Los Angeles Police Department is called Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums

However , there was a problem on how the unit worked as a team . Police deviance was displayed by them such as corruption and widespread police abuse as well as beating of suspects . For instance , the brutal beating of Rodney King projected police deviance into every corner of Los Angeles ( We Fight For You , 2007 ,

. 1 . In line with that , it is proper to point out the reasons why the stated police deviance happened

The special anti-gang unit internally developed an individual subculture where they denied control and supervision . It was also their culture wherein they will not take heed to the Los Angeles 2

Police Department 's procedures and policies . There was also a problem with the leadership of the unit . The managers of the special police unit failed to follow warning signs from their superior . Their fault include failure to provide the leadership , oversight , management and supervision that was necessary to conrol their team

Aside from that , there was also lack of visible and effective civilian oversight . That made the police department ineffective and lack of credibility in the minds of the public . The police officers was found out to be lack of policing experience . They are also more diverse in ethnicity , gender and even prior employment experience

The police officers failed to treat the community as partners in their quest for peace and harmony . On the other hand , police officers are not able to trust their superiors also in terms of management and discipline system . Hostility to the police command staff is common among them in the unit

The police officers are also overburdened of their job in the Rampart area . Since they are understaffed , most of their assignments become a heavy load . There was also a failure to create a structured discretion in to comply the adoption and implementation of an effective risk management system ( Report of the Rampart Independent Review Panel 2000 ,

. 3 . It was necessary to reduce litigation problems . But because...

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