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Kolb's Experiential Learning Theory

Experiential Learning Theory

Kolb 's Experiential Learning Theory






The contains a discussion of Kolb 's Learning Theory and an elaboration of the experiential learning cycle as well as the four staged learning styles . These learning styles which are diverging accommodating , converging and assimilating are perceived by Kolb to be helpful in aiding the mentor to develop the suitable style for the student . The also presents the view of academicians like Mirriam Webb and Curtis Kelly on the theory developed by Kolb . The

view that these academicians presents is centred in the lapses of the theory and the areas that needs to be improved on Kolb 's Experiential Learning Theory

Learning is inevitable

As Philip Race (n .d ) said , learning is not limited to students Learning is for everyone , even professors and teachers who are already engaged in teaching is needs to learn to impart better and more fruitful knowledge

In an attempt to explain how an individual processes information and eventually learns , David Kolb , an Organizational Behaviour professor formulated in 1984 the experiential learning theory and cycle of learning . Kolb noted in his theory that there is a four stage learning cycle wherein the four distinct learning styles are based . These learning styles attempt to provide an explanation why there is a variety in learning (Smith , 1996

The learning cycle , which is the core principle of Kolb 's theory touches all bases : experience , reflection , thinking and acting . The cycle may actually start anywhere within the cycle and should be approached in a continuous spiral (Smith , 1996 . In illustration , it may start with the individual 's acquisition of concrete or immediate experiences (feeling ) which will later on provide basis for reflections and observations (watching ) or the undertaking of a certain action and waiting for the effect of this act (Business balls , n .d . The effect /s of these acts in turn are processed to become abstract concepts (thinking ) giving the individual an avenue for the individual to understand the act 's effects . The understanding that the individual generates from the results of the action will then give him an idea on how to react on a specific situation (Smith , 1996 )It will produce inkling in the individual to take the action to an active test (doing The result of the experiment , whether positive or negative , creates a new experience for the individual and another round of the learning cycle (Business balls , n .d

In relation to this learning cycle , Kolb realized that an individual may be faced with more than one situation in the learning cycle , thus there is a need for him to make a choice for learning to progress . In analyzing this decision making process , he introduced the four learning styles : diverging (diverger , assimilating (assimilator , converging (converger ) and accommodating (accommodator (Business balls , n .d (Source : http /www .businessballs .com /kolblearningstyles .htm

Divergers are reflective observers or concrete experiencers . They are inquisitive they are fond of asking why and start from the smallest...

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