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Culture is a shared , learned , symbolic system of values , beliefs and attitudes that shapes and influences perception and behavior HYPERLINK "http /www2 .eou .edu kdahl /cultdef .html http /www2 .eou .edu kdahl /cultdef .html . Culture influences people and it shapes people in manifesting a particular identity . Every individual is greatly influence by his culture . When people see a man and the way he is living his life , he can easily be identified as part of a particular culture . People from a particular place are always

intertwined with a particular culture as seen in their pattern of actions and beliefs and way of life in general

It is of an inevitable reality that cultures differ around the world Every place and context has their own unique set of norms , beliefs and practices . These set of norms , beliefs and practices make up the identity of a culture . These make up the whole of their system . A particular culture produces a pattern of actions that a group of people will manifest as they live in this world . Because of the diversity of cultures of people from different places around the world , there exist conflicts due to differences if one culture is imposing its will to the other

In this , we will dwell on two rich cultures- the Dinkas and Amhara People . We will try to show their similarities and as well as differences . The two cultures that are the subject of this will be thoroughly examined . Therefore , without further delay , let us begin our discussion


The Dinkas are found In Southern Sudan . It is the largest ethnic group region in the Nile Basin . The Dinkas have the population of 3-4 million people that comprises approximately 45 of the population of the whole country . The Dinkas are known to have beautiful women in their tribe and known to even grow up to seven feet tall . One of their famous tribe members is the former National basketball Association (NBA ) player Manute Bol who stood for 7 '7 . This tribe at the Nile River is also known to maintain a culture of marrying people within their communities and even families

Most of Dinkas beliefs that keeping cultures in our modern societies is beneficial enough to keep generations move successfully . The Dinkas believed that maintaining their culture amidst the changing world is the road to the next generation 's success ( HYPERLINK "http /www .madingbor .com /page /page /2064097 .htm http /www .madingbor .com /page /page /2064097 .htm . This is the reason why even in the influences of many diverse cultures , the Dinkas still maintained and treasured the richness of their culture

Men in having their own families in the Dinka tribe , they must at least be eighteen years old and above . This age bracket is perceived by Dinkas as an age that can already be capable of providing for a family and considered as persons who can live with their own . The Dinkas live...

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