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Two Kinds(by Amy Tan)

p Two Kinds ' like most of Amy Tan 's work discusses above all the complex relationships of mother and daughters . In most stories the mother has been born in China , and the daughter has been born in America , thus making the relationship even more complex as they try to be true to their ancestry as well as fit into American culture at large In the story of Two Kind ' which is part of a novel called The Joy Luck Club , the narrator Jing-Mei stands up and defies her mother as a show of

her Americanization . However , Jing-Mei gets so caught up in the nature of the conflict with her mother that she never realizes her own true potential

The narration of Two Kinds ' provides the reader with a unique perspective on Jing-Mei 's disobedience . The reader gets Jing-Mei telling of her childhood battles with her mother but also gets Jing-Mei as a woman looking in the story at the struggles against her mother to assert her own independence and identity , and the woman still trying to find her way . She is no longer fighting her mom in reality , but she is struggling to make the realizations in life that will allow her to grow . The conflict between mother and daughter occurs partly because of the conflict between Chinese and American ways . Jing-Mei 's mother sees America as the ultimate land of opportunity and will do anything for her daughter to succeed here . America was where all my mother 's hopes lay . she had come here in 1949 , after losing everything in China , her mother and father , her family home , her first husband , and two daughters , twin baby girls (Tan . Therefore , her mother wants only the best for her daughter and will accept only the best . First , she wants her daughter to be a Chinese Shirley Temple . When that doesn 't work , her mother begins scouring popular magazines for ways for her daughter to become a prodigy . This continues throughout Jing-Mei 's life , and the older she gets , the more resistant she is . These rebellious acts are her way of asserting her own independence and identity

Jing-Mei defies her mother in many ways . She begins to hate all the tests and quizzes her mother continues to give her . While looking at herself in the mirror , she says I had new thoughts , willful thoughts or rather thoughts filled with lots of wonts . I won 't let her change me , I promised myself . I won 't be what I 'm not ' This is the first quote that shows the reader Jing-Mei 's assertiveness that leads to the bittersweet ending . Jing-Mei begins to focus her life around asserting herself , contradicting her mother . She never gives herself half a chance to actually be good at anything . She coasts through life trying to be average , trying not to stand out , and trying to cause grief to her mother . When she says , I won 't be what I 'm not ' the reader is left to question , what is...

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