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Who Killed The Electric Car

They allege that the crash of the oil prices in 1980s , coinciding with the launch of the EV1 is an example of foreign governments and oil companies ' attempts to maintain the people 's dependency on oil . Electric cars also required fewer expensive repairs , meaning lesser money for car dealers in the long term

GM demonstrated to the CARB that there was no market for the electric car , and presented customer surveys to emphasized drawbacks to electronic vehicle technology . CARB reversed the mandate in 1998 Footage shots of the CARB meetings however

show Alan Lloyd , the head of CARB shutting down ZEV proponents while giving automobile manufacturers ample time to make their points . His actions betray conflict of interest for he became director of the new fuel cell institute

Following the reversal of the CARB mandate , GM eliminated the electric car from its line , recalled all the cars , and crushed them out of existence , citing that the car was not a commercial success Critics allege that lack of leadership and vision led GM away from the electric technology and ultimately resulted in their present financial crisis . GM faces criticism for not producing enough electric cars to meet demand and following an unusual business practice of leasing instead of selling . GM refused many offers made by EV1 drivers to pay the residual lease value , reasoning that they could not ensure future repair and safety of the vehicle . GM also allegedly undertook negative marketing of the EV1 and presenting before the CARB drawbacks not present in the EV1 . Contrary to the claims made by GM , they did not immediately channel its technological progress with the EV1 into other projects and let the technology languish

A major reason attributed for phasing out the car was the limited range . This reason does not hold much...

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