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Key values of U.S. Culture in any Disney movie

Key Values of US Culture in any Disney Movie

Table of Contents

I . Introduction

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II . The American Dream

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III . The Genie

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IV . Conclusion

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V . References

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Movies speak volumes about a particular subject . It is even understood that most animated motion pictures even hammer the point much clearer than their non-animated counterparts . It has been a tradition that with every animated movie , a corresponding moral accompanies it to the end of the credits . The ability of animated films

to send out messages within the confines of its story has been one of the hallmarks of animated American movies . With The Lion King , the movie stresses the importance of family through the relationship of both Simba and Mufasa . It also clearly does the same with the movie Finding Nemo as the whole story is about a dad clown fish tries to find his lost son , Nemo . There are a lot of subtle undertones and values which are also placed in some animated movies - some even more poignant than the next . This aims to shed some light on that fact . Walt Disney 's Aladdin , through the genie of the lamp , depicts equal opportunity and material comfort , which even solidifies the classic American dream

The American Dream

The great American dream ' is defined by James Adams as the dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for every man , with opportunity for each according to his ability or achievement (Adams , 2001 ) It has been one of the most treasured features of the United States as the wealthiest nation on the face of this earth . It is in this particular country that dreams are made ' and where one 's past is quickly covered in prosperity upon reaching this particular land . As grandiose as this claim is , the different testimonies of all sorts of people have given justice to it on more than one occasion . If one looks closely at the Walt Disney animated film , Aladdin , certain aspects of this dream are also embedded in it

The Genie

The genie of the lamp in the animated film Aladdin can symbolize so many different things but more than anything , it is able to signify the American values of equal opportunity and material comfort . Gleaning from the genie 's character , it is not as hard to associate material comfort with him . The genie of the lamp is required to fulfill absolutely any three wishes that his owner desires . With the exception of making people fall in love , killing someone or wishing for more wishes , the master of the genie is quite literally powerful beyond measure . One of the most memorable scenes in the movie is when Aladdin , who is now already Prince Ali , parades across the streets of Agrabah . During the latter part of the song , the lyrics of the song gives testament to how much has changed with Aladdin 's situation

Prince Ali

Amorous he ! Ali Ababwa

Heard your...

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