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KFC training programe (human resource management

KFC Training programs for the Human resource of the Organization

Kentucky Fried Chicken has extensive program prepared for the services crews or food service workers in customer service , health and safety cleaning procedures , and food preparation . Started with using special combinations of eleven herbs and spices as seasonings , Colonel Sanders (the founder ) started the business in Kentucky in the mid 1939 but started its way to franchising business in 1955 . After many years of existence , KFC still holds the philosophies and values of hard work and excellent customer service that Colonel instilled in

all its stores around the world . KFC now is one of the brands owned by Yum ! Brands Inc

How their training program connected with the philosophy and mission of the organization (Nationally and internationally

KFC has bolstered its Colonel 's Tradition ' way of recruiting and training workers . Albrecht mentioned about some strategies KFC has formulated in to observe operating efficiencies . One of those strategies was the revision of KFC 's crew training programs and operating standards , which is centered on customer service and continued high quality products across the franchises (p . 318

In 1997 , with the 5 ,117 outlets mostly franchised nationally and internationally , KFC knows the importance of controlling the operation especially the service quality and products despite the differences in culture , language , local law , financial markets , and marketing strategies , through the Tricon International division , which is a marketing arm of the company . By means of the consultation process with the Yum ! Chief People Officer Strategy , the head office receives feedback from franchise owners about their human resources and training performance . This gives employees assurance that they receive same training practices and experiences regardless of restaurant ownership

Consistent with the company 's mission and values , it also trains with a status as Registered Training Organization ' that provides their trainees with nationally accredited qualification once completed the programs . The following are the certificates that could be accumulated certificate in retail operations , retail supervision , and retail management ( Training and Retaining Steps involved in training their employees (managers and working staff

KFC has a structured orientation and training program for newly hired personnel assigned in Customer Service and Food Service that could give them Nationally Recognized qualification (kfcjob .com . The traineeship that usually lasts from one to three years will give the employees good credential and good experience , which could give them opportunity for promotion in the future . Along with their value How we work together principle ' KFC has developed a management team that will supervise the career development needs of the employees . Aside from that , if an employee wants to become a Restaurant General Management level , he has to attend the `Developing Champions ' program

The training programs include manuals , skill checklists , and tracking charts to ensure that trainees learn effectively in enable them to acquire promotion internally

KFC provides different training programs to help increase the skills and performance of the employees . They have STAR2000 , helps increase skills and performance In the Lead program , this prepares employee...

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