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Junior college english class essay

Junior College English Class Essay

Poetry is basically the absolving of narrative from a subjective stance The essence of good and meaningful poetry lies not just in the perfection of form , but also in the manner by which the theme is expressed at large . T . S . Eliot rejects the ambivalence commonly associated with poetry and speaks of it as being a transparent and meaningful medium of the poet 's subjectivity (Raine 122 . But not all poems carry a strictly subjective expression in that numerous factors often belie the poet 's spontaneity and

freedom of expression . The term `hegemony ' typically involves the phenomenon of getting institutionalized . In other words , it is the cultural hegemony of beliefs and conventionality that sometimes influences the society in a restricted way , causing it to pronounce misplaced ideologies the society thrusts upon its dwellers . This is going to focus on two modern poems for identifying the hegemonic elements in them . To analyze the rules of hegemony in works of literature , we have taken Dancing in Odessa by Ilya Kaminsky and A Song on the End of the World by Czeslaw Milosz . It is imperative that a certain amount of background researching is made into the aforementioned poems to swiftly bring out the hegemonic components in them , if any

Written by a Soviet emigrant to the United States of America , Dancing in Odessa tells a story of forlornness and despair . The poet Ilya Kaminsky looks back at the memories of a tormented childhood from the recesses...

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