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Jungian Reading Log

Running head : Jungian Reading Log

Jungian Reading Log

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Jungian Reading Log


Both Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud are considered founders and contributors to the depth of knowledge and theory that built up psychological schools (Charet , 2000 . However , Freud and Jung must not be associated with each other , as Jung made a point of rejecting the psychoanalytic community (Charet , 2000 . This is due to his clear and expressed spiritual inclinations (Charet , 2000

Jung was initially part of a major triumvirate in the field

of psychology , with the other two members being Sigmund Freud and Alfred Adler (Charet , 2000 . However , Jung was easily separated from the other two due to his spiritual inclinations (Charet , 2000

Below are reading logs of three journal articles that discuss Jung and his theory

Stephens , B . D (1999 . The return of the prodigal : the emergence of Jungian themes in post-Freudian thought . Journal of Analytic Psychology 44 , 197-220

This journal article analyzes the appearance and intertwining of two psychological principles that have been considered contradictory for the longest time (Stephens , 1999 . This begins by the position that theories are only stories about reality of life , and they are told by people who have an opinion about how it occurs (Stephens , 1999 . This article also alludes to the process of psychological story telling which is characterized by patterns of fusion and eruption (Stephens 1999

Freud and Jung 's break in psychological theorizing occurred as far back as 1913 (Stephens , 1999 . However , it is observed that these last few years had been witness to the dramatic increase in the degree of interaction between the Jungian and Freudian communities (Stephens 1999

This theoretical and clinical interaction between the theories is found in cross-references seen in psychoanalytic journals and Jungian authors (Stephens , 1999 . Stephens claims that this interaction calls for the re-examination of established theoretical assumptions and positions that would allow for the conduct of a meaningful dialogue (1999 . At the same time , there are some whose position is that the emerging cross-fertilization of theories may ring about anxiety and fear , caused by being exposed tot he "unknown (Stephens , 1999

Stephen relates that Jung 's thoughts on reality have consistently moved , since 1913 , towards being circumscribed in the subjectivist stance (1999 . He engaged in the epistemological assumption that his only certainty is his personal knowledge of the inner world (Stephens 1999

Jung participated in the formulation of the concepts called "the-patient-in-the-analyst " and the "analytic couple (Stephens , 1999 Jung espoused the theory of "mutual consciousness " wherein the patient "constellates the corresponding unconscious material " in the analyst (Stephens , 1999 . This , in turn , leads into the inductive and reciprocal effects of this inter-penetrating psychic system (Stephens , 1999

There are some positions that post-Freudian literature is now incorporating theories from Jung , making the division between the theories of Freud and Jung disappear (Stephens , 1999 . Stephens accepts the possibility that at the analytical level , these two disparate theories might come to an agreement (Stephens , 1999 . However , such unification of two...

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