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Julius Caesar

p March 28 , 2007


Julius Caesar The Rise and Fall of Julius Caeser We will take a look at the rise and fall of Gauis Julius Caesar , who was born on July 12 100 BC , in Rome to his parents Gaius Caesar and Aurelia

He lived a very vivid and well remembered life and Julius Caesar was even the governor Of Gaul , 58-49 BC and appointed dictator for ten years in 47 B , for life on February 14 , 44 BC until he was assassinated on March 15 , 44 BC p

During Julius Caesar 's early life , he grew up in a time of unrest and during the civil war in Rome . With the expanded size of the empire , it led to cheap slave labor coming into the country , which caused many of the Roman workers to go without employment

The Social Wars produced turmoil throughout the country where Marius and Sulla were the superior leaders of the era

Julius Caesar was expected , at the completion of his education , to take an important stance in the government , since he was a member of an old aristocratic family . He was to assume a modest office in his political career , in Rome

Unlike other Romans , Caesar had already figured out that money was the most important factor when it came to politics however corrupt

When Julius Caesar was fifteen years old , his dad , Lucius died , so no longer was Julius Caesar bound to politics so he left the political arena and searched for his own path through life

He began his adventure by marrying a woman from a very distinguished family , which helped him in building connections . In building those connections with influential people , Caesar met with dangerous individuals who were supporters of Marius . Sulla was the dictator of Rome who wanted to be rid of Marian sympathizers

When Julius Caesar turned nineteen years of age , he was arrested , but luckily Sulla spared him . He was released , due to his influential friends who came to his aid , but they warned him that he should leave Rome until tensions ceased , and while he waited , he joined the army

Caesar 's first post in the army wasn 't that of a normal soldier since he was a member of a patrician family . Military Assistant to a provincial governor was his first assignment in the army

When Caesar was posted in Cilicia , he proved that he was both courageous and capable at handling his duties and he won the admiration when he saved the life of a comrade

In Caesar 's next assignment , many believe it was during that assignment when Caesar 's group crushed Spartacus ' slave rebellion

Caesar then left the army but still felt that it wasn 't a choice to go back to Rome , so he spent some time in the south of Italy where he furthered his education , especially rhetoric

When Caesar was captured by pirates and held captive for about 40 days he joked to his captors that , he 'd see them...

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