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Judaism, hinduism and Buddhism

While Hinduism and Buddhism share common roots , Judaism does not share its origin with either of these . Despite this , when one considers the things that religions in themselves hope to accomplish , it becomes easier to find similarities among even seemingly very different religions . The religions Judaism , Buddhism , and Hinduism all teach vastly different doctrines and each is considered by many to be exclusive of the other two . However , closer scrutiny will provide evidence that these three religions do share some common characteristics . In many ways that have to do with such concepts

as pantheism , dualism , polytheism , suffering , afterlife , and the transcendence of earth , Judaism , Hinduism , and Buddhism all hold threads of doctrines or beliefs in common

Hinduism and Buddhism share a common birthplace in India . The Hindu religion has been described as having a large number of varying beliefs all contained within one system . It also contains very many methods of worship that vary according to taste or according to the different gods being worshipped at any given time . The religious has often been termed pantheistic because of its ability to deify practically any natural object imaginable . The religion was descended from a mixture of several belief systems that were brought into India during the time of its inhabitation by the Aryans approximately 1750 B .C .E . During this the earliest time of the religion 's existence , the main objects worshipped were found in the forces that define nature , such as the wind , rain , and sunshine . In this sense , the Hindu religion began as a polytheistic one and continued to expand its polytheism as the centuries went by

The Judaic religion does in fact share a legendary polytheistic beginning during the time before the Torah personality Moses - a great and revered leader of the Jews . In fact , just as the Hindu religion seemed to have descended from another , so the Judaic religion is thought by some to have descended from fetishism and animism . In this religion too , some things and locations were worshipped , and this demonstrates a polytheistic origin . In fact , one of the Jewish names for God , Elohim is a plural form of the word Eloha - and this underscores the idea that the Jewish God though one , exists in more than one form (Birodkar 1998 . This too points toward a pluralism that can be compared with the Hindu religion

In the Hindu religion , the deity Shri Ram is said to contain within himself a mixture of both good and evil qualities . This can be loosely compared to the Judaic God who is responsible for the creation of all that is contained within the earth , whether good or evil . Since this mixture of good and bad that exists within Shri Ram is said to be very balanced , this may also be compared with the Buddhist religion , which is centered on the idea of balance . Buddhism teaches of the Middle Path , in which the adherent strives to seek out the core of all things , weighing all its sides . This leads the...

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