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John Gotti received more publicity than any previous crime figure. Discuss the theories developed by Sutherland, Merton, and others and compare and contrast them regarding which would appropriately describe Gotti's criminal development

Running Head : John Gotti

John Gotti 's criminal development







John Gotti was a popular leader of a gang who gained much popularity probably than any previous crime figure . Gotti 's criminal behavior started in his early childhood throughout his life . Since development of criminal behavior can be explained using various theories , this examines Gotti 's criminal behavior as per Sutherland 's differential association theory and Merton 's theory of anomie . It is evident that Gotti 's criminal behavior is best

explained by Sutherland 's differential association theory with Merton 's theory of anomie defining only a few aspects of Gotti 's criminal behavior


There exist many explanations of criminal development . These theories can be used to explain criminal development among popular criminals such as John Gotti . For instance , Sutherland 's differential association theory and Merton 's theory of anomie can be used to describe Gotti 's criminal behavior . Gotti 's criminal behavior is primarily as a result of exposure to environments that encourage crime and less exposure to non-deviant influences with the American Dream being just a minor influence

Gotti 's criminal development

On October 27 , 1940 , John Joseph Gotti Jr . was born as a fifth born in a family of eleven children . At Gotti 's birth , the family was residing in a poor section of South Bronx , New York . The family was initially living a poor life and some of Gotti 's siblings died of lack of proper medical care . Daly...

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