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Jesus and Socrates

The Comparison and Similarities : Jesus Christ and Socrates

Rhea B . Gulin

p 29 April 2010

The Comparison and Similarities : Jesus Christ and Socrates

There are over a thousand of great philosophers all over the world who had successfully touched and affected the ethical principles and values of the people even in these present times . Two of them are Socrates , who had introduced the method of hypothesis for scientific methods nowadays and Jesus Christ , the well known prophet who had spread the words of God on the Catholic and Christian practices p

Socrates had been a student of the famous philosopher Plato . He had introduced a concept regarding justice and solving different problems He had experimented that to solve a problem , you must formulate two possible solutions then pick the best one . It had been evolved in time and is now called hypothesis , a part of scientific methods . Hypothesis is considered as the best guess that solves certain issue it is made by doing experiments or observations on a certain circumstances . Socrates hypothesis is now used not only for science discoveries but even for a practical way of living

Jesus Christ on the other hand is now the most re-known morale teacher He had taught people how to live a better life that is favorable to God 's eyes . His philosophical teachings can be found and read through the Holy bible , the best selling book of all time . Due to the fact that His teachings are used for religious purposes , He...

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