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Jean Watson`s Caring Theory


The caring theory is grounded on a humanitarian perspective and is founded on a humanistic approach towards human caring programs and experiences . In addition , the new science of caring is grounded in the concept of being interconnected with each other , thus imbibing a relational connection between the patient and the medical practitioner in particular nurses . It acknowledges that life with individuals and their community to the surrounding environment are somehow connected and effects the overall wellbeing of everything involved

The nature of the theory caring implies

that it embraces reflective investigations as well subjective and interpretative inquiries Moreover , caring theories utilizes ontological , philosophical , ethical historical research in to clearly and effectively investigate certain cases . What is noteworthy to the investigative aspect of the caring theory is its openness to other ways of knowing such as literature based (poetry , narration , etc ) and even spiritual based investigations

Currently the caring theory developed by Dr . Jean Watson is an ever evolving field that is founded on the discipline of nursing and nursing science but has more recently added other fields and academic disciplines such as Feminist Studies , Education , Ecology , Philosophy and more recently mind-body-spirit Medicine . With this , the caring theory is rapidly becoming an Interdisciplinary or Multidisciplinary field of study with the nursing science as it has potential relevance and importance to health and education

In this , we discuss the Dr . Jean Watson 's Caring theory - the theory 's basic premises , how it developed into one of Nursing science prime advancements and what are the fundamental basis of the Caring theory . In addition , aside from the theoretical aspect of the theory , we also discuss how the caring theory or the science of caring in general is applied to the nursing profession . We site some examples how the medical treatment is dissimilar between a nursing practitioner not applying the theory of caring as compared to a practitioner that does apply the nursing practice in his /her daily practice

The essentials for the Human Caring theory emerged between 1975-1979 based on extant views on nursing and integrated researches in clinical education and social psychology . Dr . Jean Watson 's early initiatives on human caring theory was focus on the field of nursing as an emerging medical discipline that is distinct and has its own unique set of values , skill sets , medical knowledge and practices . Not to mention including its own ethics and objectives on how to effectively contribute to society . It was also inspired by Dr . Jean 's involvement in the academe , particularly in the development and implementation of nursing curriculums and several pioneering programs to determine a meaning encapsulating all classifications of nursing professions and even transcending social norms , cultural traditions , professional settings etc

Based on these emerging ideologies , Dr . Watson was able to develop nursing values and practices of human caring directed towards subjective evaluation of the inner healing processes and how the person experiences the world in which he /she is placed . In addition , development was...

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