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Japan philosophies.





Japan being one of the most successful countries in the world suffered from several problems too . In for them to achieve greatness and near perfection , they had to be broken also which made it more possible for them to stand up again and adapt to changes . For a very long time they closed their doors to foreign countries and made life on their own without the help of anything or anyone except them alone . However despite of this decision , Japan was able to improve their living

and manage to become one of the most successful countries in the world . In present , Japan continues to adapt to the changes that the world offers them without sacrificing their own national native philosophy

Considering the success that Japan had , it is indeed amazing to know that they have imprints of foreign culture and philosophy in them . How they were able to maintain their native and national philosophy while adapting to change is something that makes them really an interesting subject to discuss . After their resistance to colonizers and isolation they were able to foster a nation which mixes stories and culture of the west and the east

Japan and the early years after Isolation

There are several amazing things that people must know and understand about Japan . When they successfully defended their country from foreign invasion in 1945 , Japan freely borrowed ideas from different countries with the absence of military impositions and the presence of colonial life . They...

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