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Issue Exploration Essay

Cigarette smoking has always been criticized as one of the major causes of serious health conditions , even those leading to fatality . Smokers are undoubtedly harmed by the toxic fumes but non-smokers are growing more and more concerned of the effects of second-hand smoke . With literature being set out that it is even more dangerous to second-hand smokers than to smokers , activists have lobbied for banning smoking on public areas . Some governments have been swayed by this threat and have created legislations for banning smoking in public places . This then draws us to

the question as to why there is an ongoing debate in the issue of public smoking if it is indeed proven that this activity is one of the major causes of many illnesses in today 's society . While the government is the final authority on what laws should be implemented , it can be noted that some legislations are influenced by public opinion According to Dixon , Lowery , Levy and Ferraro , public opinion is driven primarily by self interest especially concerning the issue of public smoking and tobacco sales taxation (241

In analyzing this issue , we have to first analyze who are those that support restrictions against smoking in public . Secondly , we must analyze just how dangerous this is . Thirdly , we must examine the effects and lastly , whether legislation against smoking in public should be continued

The first studies concerning this attitude was seen in Green and Gerken 's study where there is a strong positive relationship between public smoking...

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