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It Isnt Fair

It Isn 't Fair

Mary Jones of Universal Products was all a manager could ask for in an employee . She easily adapted to the work environment of Universal because she learned the business fast , owing to an excellent scholastic background . She was efficient and did well with the tasks assigned to her . Mary was always quick but careful and exhaustive with her reports She put in extra effort and time to meet moved earlier than the original date set . She would work late even without overtime pay . Sometimes she took the work home

, using personal time and resources to make further study on her projects . There were weekends that she spent at the office to check on the status of ongoing projects or to keep up with endless flow of office mails . Difficult assignments were thrown her way many times , the most recent was with the Costa Rica Team . Her inputs were significant and were very much appreciated by the rest of the team which earned her commendations for her contribution . This was generally the assessment of her good performance on the job

In her annual performance review , she was asked about her impressions on Universal , her manager and her job . She was all praises and her mood was very upbeat . The job and the company were both as she had expected She made mention of her co-workers as very supportive and she particularly cited the environment of teamwork at Universal . She found her job to be very interesting as it was challenging and it gave her a sense of fulfillment in knowing that she had done her share in helping achieve company goals and targets . She found her manager to be a good coach and mentor and attributed her performance to his help and patience , and appreciated the times when he asked for her opinions

Everything considered , Mary Jones was a highly motivated employee who did very well during the period of assessment . She understood correctly that compensation and performance go hand in hand . An exceptional performance like hers merited the highest merit increase ever given by her manager , as he himself claimed . Mary Jones was truly happy and could never thank her manager enough after the review . Mary was all the more convinced that Universal was indeed a good company to work for

There was , however , a drastic change in Mary 's opinions from the time she stepped out of the manager 's office to the time she met Sue Stevens a new hire from the same college she went to herself . Sue was also from the top 1 of her class just like Mary . Both of them were into extra-curricular activities and had good recommendations from their professors . The similarities ended there . Sue had a higher starting pay of 45 ,000 over Mary 's 40 ,000 . The 10 increase in pay that Mary just got from her review would still be short of 1 ,000 that Sue was already enjoying from Day One of her employment . The...

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