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Islamaic mosque - characteristics of mosque and form of worship reflected in teachings of Quran

Mosque : Allah 's gift to His devotees and to the world Muslim believes that they can worship Allah anywhere . However , like members of most other religions , many Muslims feel that it is important to have a special place for worship . This place is called a mosque . The word mosque (the Arabic name `masjid ' is sometimes used instead means a place of prostration . It is where the faithful Muslims perform their devotions , the five daily prayers , a ritual involving kneeling and touching the forehead upon the ground in humble prostration before Allah (Weines , 2003

. An essential part of all mosques is a supply of water It is needed because all Muslims wash before they pray . Muslims also take off their shoes before they go into the mosque , to show respect and to keep the mosque clean for prayer . There are no seats in a mosque , but the floor is carpeted or has special prayer mats . When Muslims pray they always face Makkah , so mosques have a small arch in one wall which shows the exact direction of Makkah . This is called the mihrab . There is also a raised platform which is usually at the top of a short flight of steps . This is called the minbar . It is used by the imam when he preaches on a Friday . The imam is a leader who is chosen by other Muslims because he knows the Quran well . Being an imam is not always the man 's full-time job , and he is not always paid . Preaching in a mosque is based on the Quran . The imam explains its teachings and talks about life as a Muslim ADDIN EN .CITE PenneySue PenneyIslam1995Harcourt Heinemann (Penney 1995 . Mosque remained the focal point of communal worship (and other activities ) which formed a link in a universal chain binding Muslims everywhere together as witnesses to the message and the Messenger Fortunately , mosques of the early Islamic centuries survive to the present , such as the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem and the great mosques of Samarra in Iraq , Qayrawan in Tunisia and Cordova in Spain (Weines 2003 . A mere visual impression is insufficient for an appreciation of the significance of the structure and design of the great mosques . It is appropriate , therefore , to reflect upon the origin and development of the mosque and its spiritual significance in Islamic culture . Mosque architecture presents a rich variety of motifs , materials and styles differentiated from one period and places to another . At the same time the mosque has embodied and preserved a fundamental unity of purpose across the ummah and beyond wherever Muslims were to be found ADDIN EN .CITE WainesDavid WainesAn Introduction to Islam380second 2003Cambridge University Presshttp /books .google .com /books id YYxZ0QpKBGsC dq Islamic mosque meaning of structures as_brr 3 (Waines , 2003

Mosque 's decorations and furnishings on worship

One of the main features of Islamic art and architecture is the use of geometric and floral patterns and motifs , along with Arabic calligraphic inscriptions . Mosque elements , includes the mihrab , the...

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