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Is the three tiered system of alcoholic beverage control an outdated system? how? why?

As mentioned already , we now have brewpubs through out the USA that does exactly this . They produce their own beer and wine and sell directly to the customers with no middleman so why can 't the 3 tier system be renegotiated to the exclusion of the middleman in the full extent and not just partially

This 3 tier system as well as individual state laws does limit sales to some degree . If a manufacturer of a wine or beer is unable to find a wholesaler to distribute their product , then suddenly they are

shut out of specific markets which then becomes unconstitutional as they are not allowed to participate in the free market . What would the government do should one or many of these manufactures suit based upon the lack on constitutionality of sales ? This middleman theory hurts smaller businesses as well as the consumer when it is not , or suddenly becomes unavailable Jones 5

The original concept of the 3 tier system suddenly becomes an economical monkey . Commerce is lowered , where once there may have been full time employment , there suddenly is a lack of employment thus relating to obtaining unemployment benefits for those who may have lost their jobs because of an outdated and unfair law or set of laws . This would be looking at the bigger picture . If the states really want more revenue , then instead of posing higher taxes , allow the commerce to flow as it is supposed to be allowed . Don 't let states make their own laws regarding the distribution and sales as Nebraska has proven that it is a miserable failure and a huge loss of revenue as well as affecting the consumer If alcohol could be shipped without requiring permits and licenses , to any state then not only would the overall price...

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