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Paper Topic:

Is Voting For Young People?






Q1 Does the author have a theory , thesis or hypothesis he is testing ? If not , what is the purpose of the book

The author in writing this book has a parameter , the hypothesis that compulsory or mandatory voting will ensure that the youth in America become more involved in the political development of other country and that they participate in voting which is their civic and moral responsibility and right

Q 2 What kinds of data , that is , what are the principle data

the author brings to bear in the book ? Is the book empirical intuitive analytical , experiential or a combination

The author uses empirical data in various in-depth analyses to explain his hypothesis concerning the increasing disengagement of the American youth . He effectively compares trends in presidential elections since 1964 and from the data acquired seeks to prove that the American youth are becoming increasingly alienated in political activity . By observations of the American trends and comparing those trends with other trends in European democracies , the author affectively proves his point 's ad shows that it is to only America which suffers from the malady of youth disengagement . In effect , the author uses a combination of empirical and analytical data to present his claims especially the cross-national data

Q3 Summarize the authors most important findings , conclusion , arguments and positions

Democracy can only exist when the citizens of democratic states are willing and able to take an active role in their government . Martin Wattenberg asserts...

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