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Paper Topic:

Introduction to Chemistry


A Practical Report on the Melting and Boiling Points of Water Experiment

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Title : A Practical Report on The Melting and Boiling Points of Water

Aim /Purpose

The aim of the practical report is to determine the chemical state of water changes as the temperature of the water changes


The temperature of water either too high or too

low can affect the chemical state of the water . The said hypothesis will be tested throughout the experiment


The experiment is predicted to show how water is boiled or melted produce a change in the level of temperature . I expect to observe how water reaches a constant temperature when boiled or melted

Apparatus and Materials

The apparatus and materials needed for the experiment divided into two parts based on the phases of the experiment . The first phase of the experiment is the boiling point of water . The materials to test the boiling point of water are distilled water , hard test tube preferably boiling test tube , rubber cork with two bores , delivery tube , iron stand with clamp , pieces of pumice stones , 250 ml beaker , and thermometer . The second phase of the experiment requires ice cubes , blotting paper , 250 ml beakers , wire gauze , tripod stand , burner , thermometer , stirrer , and clamp stand

Method /Procedure

The experiment is divided into two phases namely boiling...

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