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Introduction to Business with Coca Cola and Tesco

Introduction to Business

With Coca-Cola and Tesco



Task 1 . 3

1 . Coca-Cola as the leader of beverage production . 3

2 . Tesco supermarket in the global market .4

3 . Strategic goals satisfaction in Coca-Cola and Tesco . 5

Task 2 . 6

1 . The role of management in the increase of Tesco performance . 6

2 . Coca-Cola and its major financial indicators . 8

3 . Coca-Cola Company and its strategic goal implementation . 12

4 . Evaluation of Coca-Cola and Tesco achievement of their strategic

p goals . 14

Bibliography . 15

Task 1

1 . Coca-Cola as the leader of beverage production

Coca-Cola Company is the world 's leader in the beverage production . The originally American company has spread its influence on all of the continents of the world . The largest number of consumers of the company 's products lives in the North America , however consumption of Coca-Cola 's products in other continents is also relatively large (Figure 1 Figure 1 . Consumption of Coca-Cola 's products

Currently , Coca-Cola Company generates 22 .0 billion in net operating revenues in 2004 . The Coca-Cola Company markets four of the world 's top-five soft-drink brands- Coca-Cola , diet Coke , Sprite and Fanta . Our beverage offerings encompass nearly 400 brands , including coffees and teas , juices and juice drinks , sports drinks and waters , as well as carbonated soft drinks (The Coca-Cola Company . 2004 Annual Report Retrieved on April 20th from source : HYPERLINK "http /www2 .coca-cola .com /investors /annual_other_reports .html http /www2 .coca-cola .com /investors /annual_other_reports .html . The country provides its activities in 2000 countries of the world and offers a full range of services in those countries . Coca-Cola Company 's annual growth rate is high due to the efficient strategy of its managers . Many customers all over the world include Coca-Cola 's products in their shopping basket . For example , in the UK , the annual table of what goes into the shopping basket of millions of consumers every day revealed famous names still dominate the list . And brands with the biggest and best advertising , like Coca-Cola , Walkers and Nescafe still dominate (Big Brands Make It All Ad Up for Shoppers Coca-Cola Tops Sales List , 1998 ,


2 . Tesco supermarket in the global market

Tesco supermarket operates in a different field from Coca-Cola Company If Coca-Cola Company produces its products and profits from the difference between the cost of production and sales price , Tesco has a different source of revenue . The supermarket obtains profits through the difference between the wholesale price which it pays for goods and the retail price which it offers in the supermarket for customers . Tesco does not deal with production . Its objectives include purchasing a large variety of products which customers are going to buy in the supermarket all at once rather than look for them in different small stores Therefore , the power of Tesco can be measured through the number of stores which it has opened , their space and the stores ' profitability At present , the space which Tesco stores occupy in the UK is 23 .3 million square feet (figure...

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