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Intoroduction to Business Law : Take home exam

Introduction to Business Law : Take home exam PART-I UNIT-1

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms provides that all are entitled to certain fundamental freedoms . What are these fundamental freedoms ? Are there any limits on these freedoms

The 4 fundamental freedoms of the Charter of Rights and Freedom of Canada are as follows

Freedom of conscience and religion

Freedom of thought , belief , opinion and expression , including freedom of the press and other media of communication

Freedom of peaceful assembly and

Freedom of association

Explain the difference between substantive and

procedural law

Substantive law defines how the facts in the case will be handled , as well as how the crime is to be charged . In essence , it deals with the "substance " of the matter

Procedural law provides the "process " that the case will go through (whether it goes to trial or not . The procedural law determines how a proceeding concerning the enforcement of substantive law will occur What is an examination for discovery

Examination for Discovery is a legal proceeding , also known as examination on discovery , which enables a party to a civil action to examine another person orally and before trial . This proceeding assists the examining party in preparing for trial by compelling the disclosure of relevant facts and by bringing to a focus the issues in dispute Foresee-ability is a major element in the determination of the standard of care in the law of negligence . Explain

Meaning of terms

Foreseeability - It is a reasonable anticipation of the possible results of...

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