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Interviewing process

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Job Interview Process

This is a research that examines the job interview process details among U .S . employers , lists the general preparations that a job applicant needs for the job interview , and presents professional advise on the successful strategies for the job interview . First , this will present the different types of job interviews then it will list the common structured job interview process details from the perspectives of both the employer and job applicant . Afterwards , it

will note certain human resource management forms that establish standards in the job interview process . Second , this will list the general preparations that a job applicant needs for the job interview based on the common structured interview process . Third , this will evaluate professional advise on certain successful strategies for the job interview . Finally , this will conclude with an assessment of the materials researched and provide insights from the information evaluated

The Job Interview Process

After a spate of job interview-related court cases , U .S . employers have fairly evolved job interview processes (Office of Personnel Management State of Oklahoma [Oklahoma] 1 . Most U .S . employers with professional human resource managers or hiring consultants now steer away from the traditional , unstructured interview and instead conduct structured interviews for certain benefits . The traditional , unstructured interview basically has interviewer-bias with subjective and non-job related questions (x . It is also inconsistent content-wise since different job candidates are asked different questions (x . Hence , U .S . employers that conduct traditional interviews are usually prone to litigation and incur inaccurate and unreliable judgments on the future job performance of a candidate

On the other hand , researchers found that structured interviews are highly reliable , with predictive validity , and fair (Jones , Steffy and Bray 256 ) mainly due to their consistency , job-related content , and objective measures for skill . The structured job interview could be of several types such as : [a] situational [b] patterned behavior or [c] past experience-based (256 . However , the more superior structured interviews appear to be structured around four types of interview questions : job knowledge , past behavior , background and situational (Oklahoma 2 . Another benefit of the structured job interview aside from the reasons cited is that it is more `legally defensible (x

The job interview process can be broken down into several parts : a pre-interview b ) interview and c ) post-interview . Moreover , it can also be seen from the point of view of the employer then the job applicant . Examining the job interview process this way equips the job applicant to better understand the interview process . Moreover , looking at the contents of some standard forms could also give a quick idea on what information are job interviewers collecting and how such information will be handled or assessed

The pre-interview process consists of the following activities from the perspective of the employer : [1] Analysis of the job to be filled considering knowledge , skills , and abilities or KSAs (Oklahoma 1 [2] Creation of the interview panel of three...

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