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Interview with Frederick Douglass

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Frederick Douglass : On Anti-Slavery

Frederick Douglass - the famous icon on the context of `classic slave autobiography ' is considerably an eloquent writer which in essence recounts his claim to fame as that who issued the powerlessness resulting form the social appropriation of discourse ' Born on the month of February in the year 1818 at Near Easton , Maryland , his works and admirable finesse has been recognized as the heroic act of being a slave towards being an anti-slavery


At age of twenty , he was able to get off the leash of slavery and pursued with his aim to thoroughly expunge the radical schema of slavery through writing articles and other forms of documentation such as The Liberator and thoroughly escaped the wrath of slavery at age thirty in the year 1838 . Further , this Garrison writer also managed to write a book under his memoir entitled Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass , an American slave in the midst of year 1845 and gained numerous awards and took the limelight stage due to his eloquence and intellectual fortitude as a speaker on anti-slavery movements

Not only is he good in the field of public speaking , but he also managed to take a formidable seat through lecturing and spreading out his determination to achieve freedom ' through explicitly exposing himself and truth for the purpose of campaigning for the rights of women , and participations on Seneca Falls Convention , and advocacy in the Republican Party ' As a matter of fact , he also helped in recruiting African Americans in enlisting in the Union army - for the fight against slavery - and even advising the most influential president , Abraham Lincoln , to support him in his endeavors . All of these , in the streamline of history and of literature have nevertheless paid off worthy enough

Interview with Frederick Douglass

How does it feel to be famous and world-renowned

Good day to you and to our viewers . Well , I knew you would ask me that question since in my own experience , which is perhaps the legendary question which most of my interviewers consider as the opening remark ' per se . I could not feel anything more than happiness to take it to assumption that I am considerably renowned and labeled as one of those who are legendary and has made a difference in the world or on the context of slavery . Of course , like all the other public icons and heroes as far as history and literature is concerned makes me feel that I am in one point or another a blessed individual for having been given the gift of courage and eloquence . It may be hard , in some point , since there will always be critics who are after pulling down your reputation ' for reasons which I consequently define as lame

I mean like , after all the hard work I have done and with the support of the testimonies of those who were able to witness and experience...

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