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Interview Analysis

Interview Analysis

The person that I interviewed is an HR specialist of the full-service advertising agency . He has 8 years of experience in the field . He has grown from a simple researcher of a small recruitment company to the specialist of the medium-size agency . This person is a practitioner , as he doesn 't have specialized education in HR management . Yet , his knowledge is based on vast and multifaceted practical experience in the field

Why is HR management important to the effectiveness of your organization ? Provide specific examples to support your answer

p Human resources , simply saying employees , are the most valuable asset of any organization , including mine . If we take the financial prospective , employees create the product /service that the company sells and gets its income . In my case , all the organization is based upon the enthusiasm and good performance of our employees that provide quality services for our customers . Our final product is the consolidated effort of many people , including designers , copyrighters , account managers financial analysts etc . Moreover , advertising is a creative sphere . That is why it is extremely important to maintain the fire , the spark in those who are responsible for ideas generating and implementation Inspiration is a big deal in my company . For example , my department (HR department ) always organizes different cultural events , from which our employees can get inspiration . One of the latest one was a jazz-evening that was organized in the restaurant with a lot of jazz music of different periods . Certainly , such events are not organized spontaneously . There is a substantial pre-work that human resources specialists have to do in to understand which kind of event will be useful and start organizing it

Discussing the effectiveness and importance of human resources management , I would like to touch another issue . It is obvious that having productive human labor , the company gains substantial competitive advantage . That is why , nowadays , we have to face the problem of headhunting , which became a substantial issue . My colleagues oftentimes report the cases of headhunting they become involved in . Both big and smaller companies are constantly searching for fresh blood ' that could ensure success of their enterprises . That is retaining the existing personnel is an important task of human resources management at my company

What types of HR activities and responsibilities are associated with your job ? How much time do you spend on each of these activities in a typical workweek

The human resources management in general , including my company as well , presupposes several stages

Hiring people

Developing employees

Motivating employees

Those are three core elements , which presuppose different activities such as searching people , interviewing , training , planning their career controlling , developing different motivational schemes etc . Our Human Resources Department is very well structured . It means that each specialist working here has strictly assigned responsibilities . My personal responsibilities include hiring people and developing them Both of these processes are very complex and require substantial time For instance , the hiring process is comprised of several levels - gathering resumes , holding preliminary interviews , holding interviews face-to-face , discussing the results if necessary , filling all the work . Thus , it usually takes up to one month to hire just one person . It is a very time-consuming process . Moreover , working in human resources management , especially dealing with such specific function as hiring employees , it is important to have some psychological background . As for me , the understanding of human nature came to me due to many years of experience . Nowadays , even despite the absence of specialized education either in human resources management or in psychology , I can analyze a person very well . Due to my experience , it doesn 't take much time for me to evaluate the resume and to hold and interview . What is really much more time consuming is to find a professional - the market is quite narrow

As for developing employees , it is a constant process that takes place during the entire career of the person . I hire people , I watch his progress , I plan his career . It is kind of personal counselling with further advices ' implementation . It is hard to say how much time it takes . For instance , to hold training for one person , it is necessary to spend around one week - to choose appropriate event , to choose appropriate coach , to negotiate the details etc . Yet , in complex , the development of employees , as I have already said , lasts during all his stay in the company

What are the most difficult human resource challenges you have dealt with in the past ? How did you handle them

It is quite hard to distinguish specific challenges , since they arise constantly . Human resources management is a complicated field , since every person is peculiar , different from the others . The main challenge is to find an approach to each particular person , to understand his necessities to help him become the vital part of our collective . During my career , I have hired and dealt with different types of people : some are very communicative and open , it is easier for them to find common language with colleagues others , in turn , are all in themselves reserved , and it is the biggest challenge to make them go out of their shell . Usually , those people turn out very talented and creative , but they live in their own world , and it is just necessary to help them to show their core to the others . As a rule , I initiate different Departmental go outs in for these people to socialize more with their colleagues . It always helps

Another substantial challenge inherent in my work is finding the professionals that our company needs . I have slightly touched this problem before . However , it is much more complex and multifaceted . My agency has firm position not to apply headhunting strategy . It is an ethical position we all are proud of . However , the market is quite narrow . It means that all qualified specialists are taken by other organizations - our competitors as a rule . That is why the main task that I have is to find perspective individuals with appropriate background , whom we can teach . Growing own potential is our main human resources management strategy . Yet , even despite my substantial experience , sometimes I make mistakes . They do happen

Finally , the last crucial challenge is to make all the employees of the organization work productively , find common language with each other , and avoid interpersonal conflicts . As my experience shows , it is important to communicate with people more to build the effective communication , so that the Head of the Department really knows all the problems of his subordinates . It is important that people are not afraid to come to their chief and share their thoughts , grieves , and ideas . My organization is very democratic . My Department worked out very effective communication schemes with weekly and monthly meeting , brainstorming circles etc . I do know that my colleagues feel free

What recommendations would you give students regarding the effective handling of HR issues in the `Real World`

As I have noticed already , human resources challenges appear constantly . The main thing is to learn to be not afraid of them . Each problem can be solved if you find the right approach . No wonder that they say stress is not what happened , but how you treat it . The same with HR - think of it as a creative sphere as it really is . Every person is a mystery it is the puzzle you have to figure out your masterpiece I always regard my ' employees as something I have created my self considering that planning of their careers is my direct responsibility So , knowing that this person grew from a simple manager to the Department 's head makes me feel very happy

Another thing that is important to remember while dealing with HR issues is communication . It concerns your colleagues , your chief , your subordinates . Communication helps to bring in new ideas , to find appropriate solution , to ease the tension etc

So , do not afraid of challenges , make them serve you , as they teach and perfect you . Communicate , communicate and communicate , as it is the only way to avoid , solve or ease the problem ...

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