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Interracial Marriage and The Family

While its obituary continues to be written , the myth of the model family still has to find if it will have a happy ending or tortuous development throughout European history (Sherlock , 2001

In the late teens and early twenties , many young people find themselves in a phase of life in which a roughly equal balance exists between being in ' the family and moving out ' Developmental psychologists say that getting across the boundary of the family is a major developmental task during these years , individuals must become less financially dependent , enter new roles

and living arrangements , and achieve greater autonomy and responsibility (Nock , 2004

Sociologists view social institutions as the principal instruments whereby the essential tasks of living are organized , directed , and executed . They have traditionally viewed the family as a social group whose members are related by ancestry , marriage , or adoption and live together , cooperate economically , and care for the young . The family institution has as its chief focus the reproduction , socialization , and maintenance of children (Shorter , 2003

The family has held on , and many believe actually flourished . Some population experts say that families are back in style . And some sociologists insist that the family is a timeless entity , rooted in our social and animal nature . However , since society is always changing , the family , as the basic unit of this larger entity , must change to reflect this fact . As viewed from the family reorganization perspective marriage and the family are changing to reflect personal lifestyle choices available in today 's society . Accordingly the family is not only a resilient institution it is a durable feature of the human experience (Sherlock , 2001

To political conservatives , the family is the last bastion of morality in a world that is becoming increasingly decadent . And to the army of helping professionals , the family is...

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