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Interpersonal Strength v Weakness


Interpersonal Assessment of Strengths and Weaknesses





Assignment 2 Grading Criteria and Respective Point Value : Maximum Points Describe strengths and weaknesses as revealed in the DiSC Classic . 8

Explained the areas in need of improvement that were noted throughout the class . 4

Described how self-awareness and self-concept have been affected by the class experience . 8

Delineated the important lessons derived from the class . 4

Articulated a clear concrete personal development plan to improve areas of weakness and

further develop areas of strength . 12

Communicated ideas clearly and explicitly in writing . 4List of Strengths






List of Weaknesses

Emotional sensitive


Easy to upset



Based on the list of weaknesses that can be seen in this assessment report , I think I should focus on my emotional sensitivity . Most often than not , I became too emotional with every single thing that happens to me or anything I encountered everyday . By way of improving this weakness , I would be able to become more appropriate with my personal growth and responsibilities to my family and work . Based on what I have learned and experienced , I realized that a person needs to be tougher when he or she was far from his or her society . Because when we enter to a different country , it was like we enter a blurred cave with unknown probabilities and circumstances that may occur . Therefore , one should have the strength to face all the things that might happen to him or to her and words that might be said against him or her . Through my experience in Thailand , I learned to discover that you could no everyone to become respectful especially when you are a tourist . Like in any other countries , a tourist or immigrant needs to realize that people have different perspectives and ideologies based on their culture Consequently , one sometimes needs to be impassive to avoid emotional imbalance and rudeness to other people . Based on what I have learned and experienced in the class , my self-awareness and self-concept became more realistic in a sense that I can work on it and use these awareness to my everyday life . There are times when I feel skeptical to many vague arguments and justification during class discussion but as I went through different places and meet new people , I tend to realized that what I have learned in this class could help me develop my skills talents , and intelligence through my job and family situations . Aside from these issues , I also realized that even if I thought that I already went through different circumstances and could already be able to conquer my weaknesses , I could not control any situation within my environment . It means that even if I know my limitations , it exists in an uncontrollable manner that I could not eliminate in my personality simply because it is already part of my mechanism . However , this course helped me to recognize both of my strengths and weaknesses in different situations and angles that would bring me more opportunities to know my self more because for me , everyday is a process of acquisition . Even if we already knew our selves , there would still be part of us that only exists when we are bound to a certain situation that we could not avoid

Because this class thought me about many things whether in social personal , or emotional aspects , I can now obtain certain development plan to improve both of my strengths and weaknesses . As I go through my education , I can use my strengths to gain more knowledge and friends in and outside the academe and work . I can acquire those strengths while communicating with other people especially through mission trips and medical guidance . I should focus merely on the positive side of my personality so I would not be able to become emotional sensitive to whatever thing I might hear from other people . Because my job and education are both important to me , I need to be more flexible and natural to every aspect or circumstances that may come my way . I should also avoid being too judgmental to people and their social background without any grounds of evidences and justification to circumvent all future problems of miscommunication and misjudgment


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Interpersonal Strengths vs . Weaknesses ...

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