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Interpersonal Process Recording

Interpersonal process recording

Learning to provide counseling services in a proficient manner in a number of contexts with people of diverse backgrounds can be a difficult process , but it is a basic skill that determines the performance of nursing responsibilities such as assessment , identification of the patient 's needs , motivation of the service user 's involvement into decision-making , joint development of strategy and control . The present is designed to provide a textual version of the interview from the author 's clinical practice

Client initials - __B .D_____ Age ______34_____

Medical Diagnosis

_______Postpartum Stress______

Goal of interaction _________Discussion of the client 's concerns about the possible postpartum depression , development of recommendations for coping_______

of Environment ____ The client has been married for five years , both spouses had been working as financial analysts before the 7th month of her pregnancy , whereas in the present time B .D . is staying at home with the daughter . The dwelling is suitable for meeting the needs of the couple as well as the child there are no other residents in the house . No financial /physical problems are detected in the environment , the complaints from the psychoemotional area include the lack of communication with friends and the lack of outside assistance in childcare .____

Appearance of Client ______No visible traumas or symptoms of recent alcohol /drug use , the client 's outfit is selected in accordance with the weather . The only indicator of possible unstable state is trembling hands ._________

Developmental Level of Client ______Level 2 the client realizes her problem , but is not able to develop strategies against its expansion .______

Significant Data Prior to this Interaction _____ The female client , aged 34 , delivered a healthy girl two months ago , due to the problems with labors , Cesarean section was performed , without complications

Perceived Level of Anxiety of Client______Before the interaction - 7 out of 10 After the interaction - 5 out of 10______

Perceived Level of Anxiety of Nurse______Before the interaction - 4 out of 10 After the interaction - 4 out of 10______

Verbal /Nonverbal Communication by the Student Thoughts , Feelings and Beliefs of the Student Verbal /Nonverbal Communication by the Patient What Would You Change ? Nurses Inference as how the Patient May Have Felt Identification of the Therapeutic or Non-Therapeutic Communication Technique Alternative to Intervention

Attentive listening (open pose , establishment of eye contact demonstration of interest in the subject through nodding What are you concerned about ' The student believes attentive listening is a way of conveying respect and interest . The major feeling is professional sympathy ' or professional friendliness , needed for successful interview . The major thought relates to the structure of the interview - when is it appropriate to interrupt the client 's monologue with specifying questions The patient 's pose reveals her anxiety , as she is not able to sit still and avoids eye contact . The client complains about her tearfulness and irritability . [Pause] It seems like my attitude towards Rosy [the child] is really cold , and I often treat her as an object . The client notes 'internal tension...

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