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Interpersonal Communication in Criminal Justice


Communication Styles : Its Uses in Law Enforcement

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Communication Styles : Its Uses in Law Enforcement

Communication is an exchange of information between two or more people Communication is cyclical in that the sender and receiver are in constant verbal or nonverbal action and reaction to each other . Its aim is to effectively transmit the message and be able to share the idea Communication researchers use the term encoding to describe the source 's efforts to design a message

that is used to supply information to the receiver . Encoding refers to the process by which the source translates his or her ideas into words and other symbols - encapsulates those ideas into one or more codes . Ideas are translated into messages , which are sent to the receiver , who decodes them . Decoding occurs when the receiver translates the words and other symbols into a message that might be similar to , exactly as the , or quite different from the one intended by the sender . Sometimes the encoder is portrayed as being the decoder of his or her own message ADDIN EN .CITE Heath20002 226Robert L HeathJennings BryantHuman Communication Theory and Research : Concepts , Contexts , and Challenges2000La wrence Erlbaum Associates (Heath Bryant , 2000

In communication process , four major styles are being identified : the passive , aggressive , assertive and passive-aggressive styles . Each of this style has their advantages and disadvantages , proper usage that usually depends on the situation , the status of the speaker and the receiver and also depends on the outcome or feedback the speaker would want to achieve . Passive style of communication does not directly express thoughts and feelings . A passive speaking style includes a soft weak , even wavering voice . Aggressive style harshly shares his or her thoughts and feelings and sometimes tends to overpower others with his or her words . With this style , the eyes of the speaker are usually narrowed and expressionless . Assertive type appropriately shares his or her thoughts and feelings . Passive-aggressive communicator , on the other hand , denies his or her feelings , he or she usually avoid taking risks and tries to stay out of trouble

Aggressive style of communication is used to get attention , to gain respect from others , if the goal is to get things done efficiently would want to impose authority and saves time . It makes the speaker to move with an air of superiority and strength and have the capability to control other people and over situation . Disadvantages of this style are hard relationship and sometimes may hurt others verbally or may intimidate others . People using the passive style are often well-liked nice and dependable , saves time because it often complies with the situation but the disadvantage of this is difficult to gain respect and easily manipulated . Assertive style uses to stand up for rights and take into account the rights and feelings of others . An open , honest , direct healthier relationship , high self-esteem , fewer communication breakdowns are often achieved in this style of communication . Also less stress between the...

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