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Internship application essay

Summer Research Internship Application Essay We are fortunate to live on a planet with so much biodiversity , and I believe that it is our task to ensure that the biodiversity would not vanish . It should be our obligation to help in the conservation and recovery of endangered animals . With the knowledge and research conducted on humpback whales , an endangered species , we could further understand their conservation needs and how we could help enlighten with regards to environmental and conservation issues . The more information we can gather and research we can conduct , the

more we can aid in clarifying issues and in furthering our cause

The Cetacean Conservation and Research Program has been working with the humpback whales in Madagascar and Gabon for many years , and I wish to be a part of a research team that has been undertaking a daunting but important task of protecting and conserving this species . I am committed to work with a veteran and experienced team of researchers and I expect that the things I will learn in this program will indeed be very valuable

I am also aware that working in this program would require me to go in remote areas where the comforts of modern living are sparse , and I am prepared to take on this challenge . I am a very adaptable person . I addition to that , I am comfortable working in even the harshest conditions , particularly at sea . Out there in the field , the all-important virtue of personal responsibility would be put to the test - and I can be trusted to effectively and competently tend to my duties

I believe that participating in this kind of internship will be very substantial and meaningful . It will provide me a once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn and discover many things about this field of study . It will also grant me an opportunity to travel in places and environments that I never would have dreamt of going

My objective is to work in an environment that will allow me to excel in my field as well as to contribute in the general effort of conservation . Participating in this internship will also give me the opportunity to meet different people from different walks of life experts in their chosen fields , as well as fellow interns . I am hoping that some of these people could help me in the future in furthering my understanding of conservation and environmental studies . I am expecting that this experience would greatly help me grow intellectually and provide me the necessary exposure to even the hardest kind of fieldwork

This internship will also provide me an chance to examine the habitat preference , population dynamics , and the unique social organization of humpback whales on wintering grounds in the Indian Ocean and the South Atlantic Oceans . The characteristics of humpback whales have also piqued my interest , particularly their complex behavioral features . The knowledge I will acquire in this internship program will provide me the crucial training in identifying the critical aspects of conservation biology


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