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International Relations

International Relations : Theory of Realism

Among the theories in international relations , I consider the theory of realism as the strongest perspective as it reflects real-life situations and events in the international community and provides clear rationalization for these global conditions and events . This international perspective has the following assumptions - that the global system is inherently anarchic , that sovereign nations are its primary actors and whose rational motivation are their national interest , that states work on their own national interest and survival and whose purpose is to amass resources . However , the major

question related to this theory is that how come the inherently anarchic international system is the permissive cause of war

Basically under this international theory , sovereign states ' primary motivation is to advance their own survival through adopting ways to strengthen and develop their national defense and security . Based on this perspective , the behavior and actions of states is attributed to the fact that the global community is intrinsically anarchic , and that to avoid invasion , inter-state conflicts and severance of diplomatic relations sovereign states have to behave rationally and strengthen their own national defense and security . This supposition is actually confirmed by historical events in the past century that saw at least two global armed conflicts that forever changed the course of history . The two world wars in the twentieth century erupted as a few great empires like Germany , Great Britain , France , Japan and the United States vied for global power

There is global anarchy since not a single nation...

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