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International Business

Running Head : International Business Ethics

Obligations of Multinational Corporations toward Host Countries

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Obligations of Multinational Corporations toward Host Countries


In past few years , there has been an enthusiasm in most leading organizations towards globalization , in to find cheap resources so that efficiency and economies of scale can be reached so that per unit costs can be reduced , which would result in higher profits . However this has been observed by corporate governance bodies and law enforcement watchdogs that multinationals have been engaged in

unethical and unacceptable practices such as exploiting child labor , showing disrespect for host countries cultures etc . for such problems business ethics has been under constant debate which should be followed by the multinational firms in their operations in host countries , especially in those with developing economies . In this , it has been discussed that what are the business obligations and ethical needs which they should follow in terms of respecting host countries cultures and their local laws , preserve ecological well-being of the planet , and practicing special actions in helping developing countries

Obligations of Multinational Corporations toward Host Countries

Introduction of Multinational Corporations

Multinational Corporations are large businesses with assets or machinery or other direct venture in more than one overseas country . It is also referred to as worldwide firm or an international corporation . Normally the multinationals have been active in developing countries , where they supply technology , investment funds , and advertising skills in return for a gainful market . But even sophisticated...

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