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Internal Public Relations Action Plan

Internal Public Relations Action Plan

2006 Internal Public Relations Action Plan

1 . Introduction

In the fierce competition like happens in the automobile industry automobile manufacturers are to take strategic decisions in to ensure that their automobile products match exactly their customers needs . This is true as we can learn from several well-known automobile manufacturers , especially high-end ones that their excellent financial achievement is the result of prolonged customer-oriented strategy that company has implemented for years and also the outcome of customers intimacy or retention

The situation suggests that in

to succeed in competition automobile manufacturers need to develop customer-oriented marketing in to win customers ' hearts , generate more revenue , and expectedly gain bigger profits

To generate revenue or sales , a company needs to communicate any plans programs , or events to customers so that they are aware of the company 's program . However , it often happens a misunderstanding when customers complain to a company 's officer regarding a program due to lack of knowledge of the running program or offering

Therefore , communications of products , program , or offering do not only address external entities (customers , dealers , retailers ) but also internal entities (employees like security officers , back office people and many others

Concerning the many faces of communication activities , this will present a internal public relations plan for products of Burt 's Bees Inc . Prior to providing details of the action plan for Burt 's Bees I will discuss the elements of creating the communication and the company 's background to obtain the insight about the nature of the company 's business

2 . Communications Plan

In to reach optimum results in marketing a company 's products , the corporation should take into consideration a fundamental procedure of successful communication plan that is developing and implementing a communication plan . This is imperative since customers (external entities ) and employees (internal entities ) need to be informed about what a company offers to customers

Basically , a communication plan provides complete tools for a company to conduct actions that will support efforts necessary to implement the company communication strategy . In addition , the communication plan also helps the company to reach and understand the target audiences while finding the best approaches to engage them into endless business deals

This is imperative since communicating products to internal executives may be much different from that to employees or customers . For example internal executives like chief executive officer (CEO ) or chief financial officer (CFO ) may be interested in seeing revenue and profit that are generated by a program . Meanwhile , customers may be interested in knowing the benefits of the program and pricing plan

Regardless the audiences of internal public relation action plan generally , it composes of five items they are Issues , Action Accountability , Delivery Date , Measurement /Quality Control , and Communication medium

3 . Background of Burt 's Bees Inc

Burt 's Bees was established in 1984 and reside in the cyber world at HYPERLINK "http /www .burtsbees .com " http /www .burtsbees .com . The company 's objective is to be a...

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