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Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design

The Dover school district was in the national limelight when a certain concept in the creation of organisms , particularly of humans became very controversial . The idea was called Intelligent Design which counteracts the primary aspect of understanding the theory of revolution by Charles Darwin which presents natural selection through adaptation (All About Science , 2002

Intelligent Design was proposed to have a scientific theory backdrop which takes a particular angle in justifying the creation of men . The proponents of the theory suggest that there was a particular intentional procedure

which designed the way creatures are as evidenced by the complexities of different organisms . This notion refutes the teachings of evolution since complex parts of organisms cannot in any way be results of adaptation of natural selection . The believers of Intelligent Design accept the fact that creatures were created in whole and that the design the creator used was practically integrated for special purposes . It was argued that creationism is the main philosophical outlook of I .D ' which cloaked itself to look like a scientific theory

The Dover community had one of the most controversial legal combat on whether intelligent design should be taught to science students in class . The school board and the entire community were practically divided according to their respective beliefs . The main battling philosophy is whether Intelligent Design is to be considered as a form of scientific theory or not . As what has been mandated by the constitution , it is very illegal to teach something in science class that is supposed to be a concept perpetrated by religious intentions

After six weeks of trials about the issue , Intelligent Design was nullified and was forbidden to be discussed ever again in the whole of school curriculum . Because of weak presumptions making Intelligent Design to be a theory based in science , the faction lost


All About Science . 2002 . Darwin 's Theory of Evolution-A Theory In Crisis . Retrieved November 23 , 2007 from http /www .darwins-theory-of-evolution .com . Intelligent Design PAGE 1 ...

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