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Informative Speech on the History of Left Handedness vs Right Handedness

Left and Right Handedness



Left Handedness has had a long history of persecution , reflected in the roots of many words in different languages . Left handed people have historically been forced to perform activities with their less dominant (right ) hand . Religion also continues these superstitions by the Bible 's symbolic use of right ' as a synonym for righteous . Left handedness has been negatively associated with witchcraft and ignorance Left handed individuals are at a disadvantage in modern culture . Most sports are designed specifically for right handed athletes . Some people

can become ambidextrous . There are many famous left handed people throughout history who have proven that left handedness is not an inherent disadvantage but rather a cultural disadvantage Body : Disadvantages of left handedness are apparent in every day life Examples include the written English language , school desks with a swivel arm and the right hand orientation of three ring notebooks and spiral notebooks . Left Handedness is also detrimental in sports because most of the athletes tend to be right handed . Baseball is an example of a sport that was conceived with right handed players in mind but that also provides the left handed athlete with an advantage in some situations such as the switch hitter . Ambidextrousness , the ability to use both hands equally , is often learned by left handed people in to adapt to a right hand oriented world . There are many famous left handed people who prove that outdated , historical notions about left handedness are based in fear and superstition rather than science Conclusion : Left handed individuals in modern society have a slightly more

options that those in past cultures , but not much . The past persecution and

demonization of left handedness is apparent in the roots of modern words

There are now companies that produce items made specifically for left handed people , but many left handed individuals tend to adapt to the culture and manage to use the less dominant hand . There is scientific research that supports a link between left handedness and some neurological illnesses , but not between left handedness and creativity or intelligence

Graphic : How Your Brain is Organized ' About 10 of all people in the world are left-handed (Hardyck . According to a study

published in BioMed Central , left-handedness is more common in Eastern European and Asian descendants than Western European and African descendants (biomedcentral . Left-handers as a historical group have been persecuted throughout the course of history and have been the subject of many superstitions and common phrases still used today

A technical term for left-handedness is sinistral . It comes from the word sinister , or evil , which is based upon the Latin word for left . The opposite of left ' is obviously right , which is associated with correctness and righteousness ' in many languages such as English , German , Dutch and French . Throughout the history of many societies left-handedness was considered not only a disadvantage , but also had other social stigmas with it . Left handed people were considered unlucky and awkward , or even accused of being witches...

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